New Piano Suite: Zarzamora

I preZarzamoraCovermiered this new work for piano at the Mmmm Concert in Stratford, Ontario, May 24, 2014.  Zarzamora Suite is loosely based on 5 Spanish street names, that figured prominently  in my life as a child and young adult in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.  #3, Mariposa, was originally published in the Canadian National Conservatory’s series Northern Lights.  The remaining four were written while my husband and I were away in Boulder, Colorado this past spring for part of his sabbatical.  1. Zarzamora, 2. Dolorosa, Mariposa, 4. Brazos, 5. .  A big thank you to my dear friend, composer and graphic artist, Susan Griesdale, for her original art work and cover design. M.H. Duncan, 2014