New Concert Set: Saskatchewan Songs for Low Voice & Piano

PoSaskSongsCoveret and contralto Dr. Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber and I first met at a National Opera Association Convention in San Antonio, Texas, in January, 2011. I was thrilled with the possibility of composing for a singer who also happened to be the poet.  This collaboration has been extremely rewarding for me and as a transplanted Texan living in Canada, I certainly feel a bit of nostalgia myself when I’ve experienced the big sky, vast landscape and friendly people of this beautiful prairie province. 1. Outside to Play on a Winter’s Day, 2. Bike Ride In the Country, 3. I Am A Farmer’s Daughter (with triangle), 4. Prairie Lily, 5. Saskatchewan Lessons. You can hear Bonnie and pianist Dr. Arlene Shrut below in #3 and #5. M.H. Duncan, 2014

      I Am A Farmer's Daughter



      Saskatchewan Lessons