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Limestone Etchings Series 

Winter Skates for Solo Piano
1. On the Pond
2. At City Hall

Advanced, Cdn. Gr. 9/10
1. On the Pond - A shivery winter morning surrounded by ice fog with the sun just beginning to peek through.  The skater is alone and christens the pristine ice first with easy glides, then more energetic spins and jumps.  An exquisite solitary moment amid nature's winter beauty.

2. At City Hall - the bustling and energetically charged outdoor rink from the first skater of the day to the last stragglers of the night.  A variety of skaters are featured - beginners and experienced along with energetic teenage boys and romantic couples. M.H. Duncan, 2012

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1. On the Pond


2. At City Hall


The War Memorial for Solo Piano, 2008

Early advanced, RCM. Gr. 8
Inspired by The War Memorial on the shore of Lake Ontario in Kingston, Ontario, this solo has a Celtic flavor with distant drums, cannons, church bells and lush pedal effects honouring the fallen. Thanks to artist Spencer Hope and designer Suzanne Owh-Dignam for their work on the evocative cover. M.H. Duncan. 2008

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The War Memorial


Kingston Mills Locks for Solo Piano, 2008

Advanced, RCM. Gr. 9
An expressive "cinematic" solo depicting the past and present of Kingston Mills Locks, the most southerly component of the Rideau Canal System.  Cross keyboard runs, rapid repeating notes and a haunting underwater scene underscore this beautiful, poignant and important historical landmark. M.H. Duncan, 2008

The severity of the cut into the Pre-Cambrian core talks to the hardships and lives lost in the building of the canals. Exhibited in the protruding and angular character of the locks themselves is evidence of the determination to succeed.   Here is manifested the resolve of the settlers to create a new homeland.  Artist: Spencer Hope, 2008

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Kingston Mills Locks

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