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Vocal Selections from Searching the Painted Sky, The Opera

Story and Libretto: Janet Windeler Ryan
Music: Martha Hill Duncan
Searching the Painted Sky is the story of two sisters, Leda, an older teenager, and Lulu, a young girl, who have lost their mother to illness and are now living in poverty with their father.  Although their laidback and gambling dad loves his kids, he is not always the greatest at providing them necessities. After a run-in with an exotic fortune teller, Leda's life takes a turn into fantasy, complete with strange, funny and fantastical characters.  The opera is in two acts and runs almost 1 1/2 hours long. There are approximately ten named characters with room for a small to larger ensemble of "friends and neighbors".  Searching the Painted Sky was written for and premiered by The Youth Opera of El Paso at the 2014 National Opera Association Convention in New York City with music director Kimberley Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto and stage director Dr. Christopher Meerdinck. Eleven songs from the opera appear in the vocal selections publication you see here, as well as three others in the opera inspiring art song collection by the same title.  Please contact M.H. Duncan directly regarding any interest in staging the opera. M.H. Duncan, 2014

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1. As Morning Opens


Youth Opera of El Paso Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

3. Beans and Mustard


Soloist: David Austin Nakamoto Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

5. Under the Painted Sky


Soloist: Bryan Bennett Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

6. Working Hard


Soloist: David Austin Nakamoto Piano: Dr. Hector Landa

7. For My Mother


Soloist: Carolyn Owen Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

8. Crab Tango


Soloist: Bryan Bennett Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

9. Ellegée


Soloist: Carrie Armendariz Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

10. Sunset Song


Soloist: Pablo Aun Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa

11. Lullaby


Soloists: Hayden Aurora Hunt, Carrie Armendariz Pianist: Dr. Hector Landa



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